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Welcome to the Wooster Chamber Music Series, Celebrating our 34th Season in 2018-2018

The 2018-19 Wooster Chamber Music Series will feature some of the most recognized chamber music ensembles that are performing today. These groups perform at the Scheide Music Center inside of the Gault Recital Hall. This venue is ideally suited for chamber music with a seating capacity of 290 people and a large grand piano.

You do not need to travel to large metropolitan cities to hear world class chamber music, as such fine music is accessible right here in Northeastern Ohio at less than 20 percent of the cost in most areas.

The Wooster Chamber Music Series, which began in 1984, spent the first 18 seasons at the Wayne Center for the Arts and since then at The College of Wooster.

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  • We have been thrilled and honored to participate over the years in one of the most distinguished chamber music series (Wooster) in the country. May it continue to thrive for years to come!

    Earl Carlyss, artist

  • During the 20 years of worldwide touring I have experienced many memorable venues, but I have rarely met a more inspiring, personal, knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic atmosphere than in Wooster, Ohio.

    Haken Rosengren, Clarinetist

  • Having worked with chamber music series all over the USA for many years, I can say without hesitation that you have one of the best chamber music series not only in Ohio and the Midwest, but one of the premiere series in the country.

    Bill Capone, Arts Management Group

  • After years of enthusiastically presenting excellent ensembles and great repertoire, you have developed a very dedicated and appreciative audience that is a joy to play for.

    The Gryphon Trio, ensemble

Buy Tickets

Tickets may be purchased for the Chamber Music Series at the Wilson Bookstore (330-263-2421) on the College of Wooster campus, and at The Wooster Book Company (330-262-1688) in downtown Wooster.

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  • Ohio Arts Council
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